BioSwales and Ponds

Last edited: May 27, 2002

Note: These documents and images were created as part of a portfolio package while I was employed by GeoSyntec Consultants from Jan-May, 2002. The work was to satisfy BMP's (Best Management Practices) for water quality improvement.

Introduction and Resume

This was an internal marketing document created while I was employed with GeoSyntec. The intent was to introduce me to various offices across the country in order to elicit work.

BioSwale BMP Renderings

These are a pair of drawings created in Illustrator that portray two swales that are being proposed by the Santa Barbara County Water Agency for Project Clean Water.

Pond BMP Layout, Details, and Sketch's

This site is on the Santa Barbara City Golf Course; detention was needed for flood and water quality control. Some routing was necessary, as well as creative capacity design to accomodate flows, cart paths, and views. This design utilizes multiple ponds and was devised with the help of GIS to calculate volumes based on surface area and minimized earth work.